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Mariola Bitner

Cushman & Wakefield
I love people and love design and I am lucky as I can combine these 2 crucial things in my work. Creating the best office/ retail/ industrial solutions for my clients makes me happy. I help clients from the very begging of the project’s life cycle till the very end. During my career, I have been responsible for several cross-border commissions and projects. Most notably I led fit-out and workplace strategy projects for main corporate clients. As the Client Account Manager, I was responsible for the European region. I played a key role in the management of the Client’s office portfolio account, dealing regularly with leadership, and ensuring the successful linkage between all stakeholders across multiple European geographies and service lines. Currently I take care of operational matters in the Project & Development Services Department, manages key internal and external client accounts and interfaces with other Cushman & Wakefield teams both in Poland and internationally.
Victoria Iwanowska

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